The Council’s 75th anniversary

Celebrating a Legacy of Service & Recovery

Join us for a special 75th anniversary celebration of The Council on Recovery to honor the work of our founders, board members, partners, staff, clients and our supporters. And help us celebrate the retirement of our President and CEO Mel Taylor and the 28 years of ripples he has created through his vision and servant leadership.




The Waggoners Foundation



Wayne Duddlesten Foundation



Gary Petersen Family Foundation


Kathy McGovern


George Joseph

Christi & Dean Quinn


Carol and Jim Farnsworth & Paul and Maria Hendershott / Raymond James

Sarah and Doug Foshee

Ellen and John Rutherford



Richard and Marilyn Lynch, in honor of Mel Taylor

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.

Aimee and Wynne Snoots


Bob Candito, in honor of Mel Taylor

DeeDee & Gilbert Garcia

Marvin L. Lummis

Orchard on the Brazos



Able Power Management / The Cartwright Law Firm LLP

Rob Arnold, in honor of Mel Taylor

Kirby Attwell

Chevron Corporation: Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Community Health Choice

Jack Daniel, in honor of Mel Taylor

D. Craig Fecel II

Matthew Goldsby, in memory of Thomas Hutcheson

HM General Contractors

Joseph and Jenifer Matula


OutSmart Magazine

Rick Renaudin / UBS Financial Services Inc

Anne and Tom Singley

David and Kimberly Spaw, in honor of Mel Taylor

Vinson & Elkins LLP

Carol Warley and Nancy Wakefield / RSM US LLP


Devon Anderson and Deborah Keyser / Justice Forward

Mark Deaton

Friends of Mel

The Herrington Law Firm / Carol Trahan

Houston Group Psychotherapy Society

The Menninger Clinic

Kelly and Greg Miller

Rhonda and Jeff Miller

David Taylor and Eva Garcia


John Able

Lauren Anderson and Chris Stanaway, in honor of Mel Taylor

Lance Baird, in honor of Mel Taylor

Oliver Banks, in honor of Mel Taylor

Lawrence Bellatti

Kim Boone

Cindi Boudreaux

Shannon and Jim Braniff, IV

Daniel M. Brener, M.D., in honor of Ellen Rutherford

Trevor M. Burt, in honor of Mel Taylor

Anthony Candito, in honor of Mel Taylor

Clearpoint, in honor of Cindi Boudreaux

Katrina and J.C. Clemens, Jr.

Sean Donohue

Eliza Duncan

Mary & John Eads, in honor of Ellen Rutherford

Diane Erbstoesser

Aaron H. Fink, MD, in honor of Mel Taylor

Susan Fordice, in honor of Mel Taylor

The Mary and Tony Gracely Family, in honor of Mel Taylor

Al Greene

Charles Guez, in honor of Dr. Muriel Meicler

Sara W. Haynes, in honor of Mel Taylor and the Board of Directors who hired him

Richard Hellmann

Trent Hrncir

Tracey Kearny

Patrick Keegan

Trish Kincaid

Will Kopp, in memory of Dick Kendall

Nicole Lievsay

Joanie McLeod

Jerri & Jim Moore, in honor of Mel Taylor

Neeraj & Morgan Parasher

Punit Parasher

Walt Parmer, in honor of Dan Elsom

Amanda Polich, in memory of Bob and Diane Woods

Dr. Jennifer Reichek and Robert Reichek

Donna Reid, in memory of Michael Moore

Regina Rogers in loving memory of Wayne Duddlesten

David Seely, in honor of Mel Taylor

Samuel and Patricia Sloan

Dr. Dana Smith, in memory of C. Sue Smith

Mary H. Cook and Scott R. Spencer

Diane St. Yves

Carol Trahan, in honor of Mary Beck

Manoel Urquidi

Doug and Sandy Ustick, in honor of Mel Taylor

Lisa Webb, in memory of Clement C. Sherek

Donna K. Wilkins

Ron & Carrie Woliver

Bessie and Dimitri Zgourides


William M. "Mel" Taylor, MSW

President & CEO, The Council on Recovery

Lauren Anderson

Board of Trustees, The Council on Recovery

Marvin Lummis

Board of Trustees, The Council on Recovery

Austin O'Toole

Honorary Lifetime Board, The Council on Recovery

Jerri Duddlesten Moore

Board of Trustees, The Council on Recovery

Mary Beck

Executive Vice President, The Council on Recovery

Lori Fiester

Clinical Director, The Council on Recovery

Jo Carcedo

Vice President for Grants, Episcopal Health Foundation


Former Council Client


Former Council Client


Uncertain Beginnings

Every story worth recalling hinges on a few pivotal moments. For The Council, such a moment occurred in August 1993 with the arrival of Mel Taylor. Less than 1 percent of the Houston Community had even heard of The Council at that time, and there was an overarching lack of understanding of addiction within the community. The physical facility that housed The Council was practically hidden from view, almost at odds with the diligent and visible efforts being made to combat the stigma of this invisible disease. Not only that, the organization was grappling with a deficit of $93,000 and was almost completely dependent on state and federal grants.

Transformation & Legacy

As with most new things, the arrival of a new CEO signaled change. For The Council, that would mean advancement of its entire approach to treatment and service. Mel’s vision centered around the imperative that The Council would serve all who need us, regardless of the ability to pay. Under Mel, The Council moved to its permanent home and transformed into an outward and visible symbol for a disease that is too often invisible. Through his dynamic and visionary leadership, The Council has consistently forged new models for the support and treatment of substance use, and changed the landscape of available care in Houston.

Mel's Message

“I am profoundly grateful to you and our many friends and partners who shared in our passion and helped to grow and sustain our mission. My greatest gift has been to experience so much passion and dedication by an incredible staff, board, and community who serve a purpose greater than themselves and have given back to service in untold ways.”


Your gift to The Council in support of The Waggoners Foundation Speaker Series helps families to recover, regardless of their ability to pay.
With your help, we can keep our promise never to turn anyone away.



“This is where I learned to deal with my problems properly instead of running away. I learned that I mattered.”

“In just 30 days, my counselor at The Council on Recovery helped me find a special person I didn’t realize lived inside of me.”

“I pray that others will not need the services of The Council, but if you do, I can't imagine there could be a better place to get help.”

“This program is helping me gain a sense of self for the first time, and to overcome past trauma.”

“This is where I learned to deal with my problems properly instead of running away. I learned that I mattered.”

You know someone who needs us.

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